How to Use Google Desktop as a Keyword or Reputation Monitoring Tool

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Apart from many customizable features, there is one awesome option Google Desktop offers: web clips gadget that allows to monitor any RSS feed.

1. Use the default web clips gadget

Web Clips gadget automatically displays updates to web pages you visit. You can also manually add RSS/Atom feeds to see updates to your favorite blogs and other websites.

You can add any RSS feeds there to make it track all your favorite blogs and social bookmarking networks.

Let’s say you want to track your (brand) name mentions on Twitter. So you:

  • Go to Twitter search,
  • Search for your (brand) name,
  • Grab the RSS link of the search results;
  • Go to your Google Desktop web clips gadget;
  • Click on “Options”;
  • Add the Twitter search results RSS:

Google Desktop: Keyword Monitoring

After that Google Desktop will be updating you of the Twitter mentions:

Google Desktop - monitor

Additionally, Google desktop will (gently) update you on the new word mentions:

Google desktop: keyword monitoring

A couple of more options to consider:

  • 2 Digg (really simplistic, yet useful plugin that allows you to track any category and or topic on Digg for hot or upcoming stories: really useful for monitoring user-generated news and buzz)
  • Google News Gadget
    (This one is nothing extra-ordinary but can be considered if you use Google news search often.)
Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty

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  • donnyscotland

    it’s sometimes hard to trust that what is being displayed to you in the results is not actually being choses by google after monitoring your habbits with google desktop tools? anyone else agree whith me pls email thanks donnyscotland

  • Tag44

    Thanks Ann for the info, now it will surely helps me to track my twitter and other social bookmark easily.

  • Samantha Milner

    Thanks for the tip im always looking for new ways to improve my keyword research and will be following this method very soon.

    kind regards


  • John Stewart

    Thanks for the tip. I use alerts all the time to monitor my company’s reputation in media presence. I didn’t know you could integrate Twitter feeds though.

  • hosting murah

    This tips really help me, thank you