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Google Defends Yahoo Search Ad Deal Again, and Again

Google Defends Yahoo Search Ad Deal Again, and Again

In what could be its biggest move to defend the search ad deal which is about to be implemented in a couple of days now, Google has launched a website explaining everything that anyone could possibly need to know about the advertising partnership. Highlighting key points about the deal, the “Facts about the Yahoo-Google advertising agreement” site points out once again that it is:

  • a non-exclusive deal that will strengthen Yahoo,
  • ad prices will continue to be set by competitive action, and
  • the deal is a win-win for consumers, advertisers and publishers more and better.

The site features various articles written by the press, which are all positive articles by the way, terms of the deal, why is it good for competition and practically everything about the deal that if you’re not are fully aware about the issue, would make you believe that the deal poses no threat to the search advertising market in general.

Although, said Google site devoted to the said deal is not at all called for, we still got to give it up for Google for trying to defend it from detractors who will get out of their way to stop its implementation, for whatever purposes it may serve them.

Makes you think however and it appears that Google is more eager to have the said deal implemented rather than Yahoo itself who is said to be the party that would benefit more from it.

The U.S. Department of Justice has not yet aired their official statement regarding the deal. Google has done its part of explaining the positive implications of the deal, topped by this new website. Maybe it’s time to give it a rest and let the search ad deal push through and see what happens after.

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Google Defends Yahoo Search Ad Deal Again, and Again

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