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Google Creates An Easy Way To Keep Up With AdWords Changes

Over 200 features and products were added to AdWords over the past year. that’s an exhaustive amount for anyone to keep up with, except Google has now made it easy for you.

Going forward, Google will log all AdWords changes into an easily accessible list. You can find this list in a new page added to the AdWords help center. This page has been designed to help give users an overview of everything that has been added to the service, when it was added, and what impact it has.

The page contains a chronological list of changes, broken down by month, with a description of the change and links to more information when available. Currently, the page dates back to November 2014 and has been updated as recently as two days ago.

In addition to this new collection of Google AdWords updates, the company has also launched an initiative to help make users better at AdWords:

We’re also committed to making our users better at AdWords.  A big way that we’re helping day-to-day practitioners reach their AdWords potential is with our other new page on the Help Center: the Google Best Practices series. This series, Google’s official advice on AdWords, can help form the foundation of your paid search strategies.

If you’re a frequent AdWords user these are two worthwhile resources to keep around.

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Google Creates An Easy Way To Keep Up With AdWords Changes

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