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4 Google Chrome Updates For Enhanced Mobile Search

Learn more about the latest Google Chrome update to improve the mobile search experience, including a new way to explore trending searches.

  • Google Chrome for mobile has introduced related searches to the current webpage a user is browsing.
  • Trending Google searches are accessible from the address bar on Android, with plans for a later iOS rollout.
  • Chrome has expanded the number of search suggestions appearing in the address bar from six to ten, available on both Android and iOS.
google chrome updates for mobile search

To enhance mobile user’s search experience, Google has unveiled new features and updates for the Chrome mobile browser.

These enhancements suggest related content, highlight trending topics, and expand search suggestions.

Get Search Suggestions

Chrome on iOS and Android platforms now offers search suggestions relevant to the webpage a user is viewing.

This feature provides a new “Related to this page” section that supplies more search options for the content users browse.

Screenshot from Google Chrome (iOS), August 2023

For example, suppose a user is exploring a blog post from Google and clicks the Chrome address bar.

The browser will display other related searches about Chrome updates and version history.

Review Trending Google Searches

The second feature, only available on Chrome for Android, incorporates trending Google searches directly into the Chrome address bar.

Screenshot from Google Chrome (Android), August 2023

To access this feature, a user must open a new tab, tap the address bar, and scroll down to discover what’s currently popular.

Clicking on a trending search will yield comprehensive results for the chosen topic. Chrome plans to roll out this feature to iOS users later in the year.

Utilize Touch To Search

The third update is an enhancement to Android’s “Touch to Search” feature, introduced several years ago.

This function lets users search for a word or phrase directly from a webpage.

Screenshot from Google Chrome (Android), August 2023

With the update, Touch to Search will now display a carousel of related searches, allowing users to swiftly access additional information on a chosen topic.

Users can receive quick translations, helpful context about unfamiliar terms or places, standardized touch interactions, and more intuitive settings control.

Explore More Suggestions

Finally, Chrome has expanded the number of suggestions when users begin typing in the address bar.

Screenshot from Google Chrome (iOS), August 2023

Instead of the previous six, iOS and Android users will now have ten suggestions, with the most relevant ones appearing first.

New Areas For Optimization

Search enhancements and new features for Google Chrome mobile users may impact how they interact with search and the type of content they discover online.

Marketers should adjust their strategies to ensure their content appears in related searches and trending topics, enhancing visibility and user engagement.

In addition to the updates to Chrome, Google also announced new capabilities for Search Generative Experience (SGE).

Featured image: ECO LENS/Shutterstock

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4 Google Chrome Updates For Enhanced Mobile Search

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