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Google Chrome Powered Netbook in Two Weeks?

Google Chrome Powered Netbook in Two Weeks?

Still remember that quick poll which Loren did several months ago when Google announced that the Chrome OS will be targeted primarily for netbooks? Majority of  you voted that you will buy the Google Chrome  powered netbooks when it comes out. Well, better psyche up yourselves folks as reports had it that the first of such netbook will soon be launched.

Actually, let me retract a bit here. The said Google Chrome powered device will be demoed at the upcoming Computex 2010 electronics fair happening in Taipei on June 1-5. And guess which brand will be the first to run the Chrome OS? – The lucky manufacturer is none other th an  Acer. What’s not clear here is what the Acer device will be? Is it going to be a netbook, tablet or smartbook?

A Google Chrome powered netbook seems to be the easiest route for Acer. But given the renewed popularity of the tablet, thanks to Apple’s iPad Acer might also demo a tablet  instead. But then, if Acer wants to come up with tablet PC of their own that will rival the iPad, they can just use the Android OS.

A netbook running Google Chrome OS would certainly be more exciting than a tablet. Acer has already captured the netbook market, it would be safer and more practical for them to concentrate on netbooks instead.

Going back to the question, and modifying the premise a bit – are you still going to buy a Google Chrome powered netbook given that the iPad is already out?

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Google Chrome Powered Netbook in Two Weeks?

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