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Google Chrome Rolls Out Translate Feature

Google has just released a new beta feature for Chrome browser – a translation prompt that automatically appears whenever you are visiting a site which is in a language different from your preferred  language setting. This is an instant feature that don’t require you to download any plug-ins or extensions.

Previously,  you need to go to and then paste the url of the site that you want to translate into your own language. This becomes tedious especially if you are citing that page. Either you link to translated page with a different URL or to the original page with the foreign language.  So that when you are browsing a translated page and you click a link, your browser would usually return an error. But now, when Google translate the page, the URL remains the same. So clicking on a link will bring you to the correct page.

In addition to this feature, Google is also introducing a new feature on privacy settings in addition to the existing incognito mode.  This is one feature of Chrome browser which lets you browse the web without leaving a trace on your computer. The new privacy feature will let you manage your privacy settings in the new “Privacy” section of Chrome’s Options dialog. You can now control how cookies, images, JavaScripts, plug-ins, and pop-ups are handled on a site-by-site basis.

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Google Chrome Rolls Out Translate Feature

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