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Google-Certified Ad Networks for All AdSense Publishers

It’s been awhile since we last heard anything from Google AdSense. Although it may be starting to lose its luster among website publishers, I would like to think that there are still tons of sites which relied on it to earn some extra bucks.  Anyway, the Inside AdSense blog just announced that AdSense publishers will now have access to Google-certified ad network. This was previously allowed only for U.S.  and Europan publishers.

Allowing these ad networks would mean more ad networks would be competing now for display ad space on publishers’ sites.  And this would lead to more ads to appear on sites serving AdSense display ads – more earning for site owners.

So the next time you check out your Ad Review Center account, don’t be surprise to see more ad networks queuing up on your display ad space. It’s up to you to select which of these ad networks you would allow to display their ads on your sites.

If you’re afraid that you might get an influx of ad networks which are not related to the subject of your sites, well, you don’t have to worry since some of these ad networks adhere to Google’s interest-based ad program which stipulates that only relevant ads are to be served on sites they visit. If you don’t like this arrangement, you can always opt-out of  this feature anytime.

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Google-Certified Ad Networks for All AdSense Publishers

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