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Google CEO Hopes That Apple’s iAd Will Help Google with AdMob Deal

Google CEO Hopes That Apple’s iAd Will Help Google with AdMob Deal

Well it looks like this is the first time that Google was glad that a would-be rival launched its product.  According to Reuters, Google CEO Eric Schmidt is hoping that Apple’s mobile ad platform, iAd which was announced last would boosts Google’s  argument into convincing government regulators to approve its acquisition of AdMob.

U.S. antitrust regulators are arguing that Google’s acquisition of AdMob could potentially affect small-time apps developers who do not really earn that much from their apps but rather from advertisement they sell on their apps.  If Google gets AdMob, apps developers are afraid that Google will dominate the mobile advertising market.

Mr. Schmidt will possibly argue that Apple’s entry into the mobile advertising space only shows how competitive the market is. And that Google’s acquisition of AdMob will further boost this competitiveness instead of allowing Google to dominate the market.

It just seems obvious to me,” said Schmidt. “I hope it (Google’s purchase of AdMob) gets approved.”

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