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Google Cancels Nexus One Phone Launch in China

Amidst the issues that’s happening right now between Google and China, Google decided to cancel the scheduled launch of its Nexus One phone in the country  this week. Citing a reliable source, AP is reporting that Google’s decision to cancel the launch of the mobile phone was indeed related to Google’s recent threat of shutting down its Chinese-based search engine since China refused to scale down it’s restriction on the search engine.

If you may have read last week, Google announced that it is lifting the censorship imposed upon their search engine due to security threat caused by it. The Chinese government kept mum about the issue and even played hard ball with Google. China issued a warning that it is ready to shut down Google’s Chinese search engine if the company would not abide by China’s rules and restrictions.  Google was equally playing hard ball as well.

Although a spokeswoman for Google, Marsha Wang claimed that the launch was only postponed and will be reschedule, she however declined to give a reason for the postponement.

So, what do you think guys? Is Google’s decision to cancel the launch of the Nexus One in China part of its retaliation to the Chinese government? Is it wise for Google to cancel the launch knowing fully well that it stands to lose a huge prospective market for its not so well performing Nexus One sale in the four countries where it decided to sell the smartphone initially?

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Google Cancels Nexus One Phone Launch in China

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