Google Buys Invite Media to Strengthen Display Ad Service

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Google’s shopping spree continues with its latest acquisition being that of Invite Media, an ad tech startup which specializes in “real time bidding” technology that allows advertisers and ad agencies to buy display ad space and optimize their display ad campaigns across ad exchanges. The acquisition was confirmed by DoubleClick, the company which Google also recently acquired and is now serving as Google’s display advertising arm.

According to the DoubleClick Advertise Blog, Invite Media the acquisition will not really affect the current operation of Invite Media and DoubleClick’s  Ad Exchange as both will continue to provide exactly the same open and neutral access to ad space for multiple buyers, partner support and API availability.

As an aftermath of the sale, Google’s DoubleClick will continue to invest significantly in improving Invite Media’s technology and products as a separate platform but eventually it will be seamlessly integrated with DoubleClick for Advertisers ad serving product.  The integration will enable DFA clients to easily purchase ad space across multiple ad exchanges. But Invite Media’s platform will continue to be available to any ad agency, even if they are not using DFA.

Arnold Zafra
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