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Google Buys Appjet & Etherpad

Well, it’s been quite awhile since we heard of any Google acquisition. I can’t even remember what was the last company it bought. But anyway, Christmas comes early for Appjet Inc., which runs Etherpad an online collaboration tool as they have just been acquired by Google, possibly to beef up  – Google Wave.

Appjet’s Etherpad is an online collaboration tool that lets users import Microsoft Word docs, web pages, PDFs and text files. Once imported, users can then share this with group members allowing full editing capability  on a community-accessed “pad.”

I haven’t tried using Google Wave’s file sharing and collaboration feature yet, but definitely this is something which you can do using Google Docs. So why did Google purchased a product similar to what one of its current product can do?  Wouldn’t Google Docs suffice for Google Wave’s need for an online file sharing and collaboration gadget?

Anyway, if you’re an Etherpad user,  a few reminders about how this would affect your Etherpad use. These include – Etherpad staying online until March 2010 with some restrictions, no new free public pads maybe created after March 31, 2010, and after said date existing pads will be deleted including personal accounts infos.

Then you can wait  until Google integrate this to Google Wave.

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Google Buys Appjet & Etherpad

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