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Your Face Goes HereSome of the main goals of blogging and content strategies are to drive traffic, earn links, and to rank higher on Google, right? So, with Google Authorship & Author Rank being so important today I am surprised at how many bloggers and website owners have still not embraced it. With Google Authorship, you can help improve rank while branding yourself as a respected writer in your field. Since Google changed its algorithms to provide more relevant search results, it is my belief that becoming an authority is vital to securing a high search rank today. So what are you waiting for? All you need is a Google+ profile to get started and this very easy-to-follow Google Authorship eBook.

Add a Face to Your Work
Be proud of your work and let everyone see the face behind the experience! By linking your online work to your Google+ profile, Google Authorship verifies you as the author. This will allow your Google+ image to appear beside search results where you’re the author. I don’t know about you, but when I search for some information online and I notice a professional picture beside a result, I am more inclined to click. Experts have already proven time and time again that any search results with an image have a higher click rate than those without. Plus, the more searchers see your face, the more they think of you as a professional in your industry. Get it?

Rank Over Plagiarists
Recently I noticed that someone had plagiarized my content and the search for the topic of my article showed my article on their site higher in the SERPs than mine. As a matter of fact, plagiarized content often ranks higher than the original content on Google. When you establish yourself as the original author, Google ranks your content higher than any duplicate content. Instead of searchers finding plagiarists, they find you. Anything that helps with this battle is a win-win for everyone. Another benefit is, once you have an established audience by using Google Authorship, your fans are likely to let you know if they see your content published elsewhere under a different name. This gives you the chance to report the content to Google and help remove another plagiarist from the web.

Connect With Readers
I like connecting with my readers and many times I get the same people sharing, liking and promoting my blogs. Authorship makes it easy to connect with your followers and build a network. Readers can view my Google+ profile directly from Google search results to learn more about me. My profile not only lists blogs where I’m an author, but provides a link for readers to view my content through a custom search. Readers instantly discover who I am and if they want they can add me directly to their circles if they use Google+. Set up your Google Authorship and this will give you a great opportunity to connect with your readers on a social platform they know and love.

Index Faster
If you have something important to say or timely news you want to share and you want your content indexed quicker, link it to your Google+ profile. The Google Authorship program gives your connected content priority over other websites. The quicker you’re indexed, the sooner people will find your content. With millions of pieces of content published on a daily basis, you need some way to stand out from the rest. One of the most important tips I give my clients is, even with proper SEO, you could still be buried by the competition. If your content is indexed faster, searchers will find you before the competition, giving you a chance to build your audience. This advice is very valuable.

Author Rank
Google is beginning to implement Author Rank which ranks Google Authorship writers based on engagement and social factors. Those with a profile will rank higher than those without one. While rank will still be based on the content first and foremost, if you craft excellent content, Author Rank will help boost your overall Google search rank. While Google hasn’t implemented Author Rank fully yet, some aspects are already being used in Google’s algorithms. As Google perfects the new ranking system, you’ll see a greater boost in your rank. By using Authorship now rather than later it will help you build your readership and social media impact so you’ll be at the top of search results once Author Rank is implemented in full. If you don’t believe me, read what Mark Traphagen writes about “Authorship Tips and Takeaways from Matt Cutt’s Video”.

A bit of Advice
If you want your content in front of more people and want to build your Google authority, joining Google+ and using Google Authorship is a must. That’s all I have to say on the matter!

Bernadette Coleman
Bernadette Coleman is the CEO of Advice Local, an award winning technology and Inc 500 digital agency. Bernadette is passionate about all things digital including... Read Full Bio
Bernadette Coleman
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  • Great post Bernadette. I couldn’t agree more on all points. Implementing Google Authorship has never been easier and more important. for the reasons you outlined. For online marketer without a Google+ profile, credibility is going to get harder to maintain going forward. Other benefits include increasing CTR in the SERPs for your content and adding credibility to your posts, especially if a number of Google+ users have you in their circles as this count is shown in the SERPs. Authorship can also help authors build their audience by getting added to more circles . Case and point, I just added you to mine 🙂

    • Thanks Rick for the feedback. And thanks for adding me to your circle! I will certainly add you back. have a great day!

  • Thanks for linking to me, but I think you should know that I do not think Author Rank is yet active. I’m wondering on what basis you are saying that it is. You did not cite any evidence other than a “belief.”

    Recently John Mueller of Google Webmaster Tools stated in a recorded Hangout the “we do not use Authorship for ranking at the moment.” I posted the video and my commentary at

    This was confirmed by Pierre Farr of Google at SMX East in NYC where I spoke this past week.

    • Hey Mark,
      I believe you are correct and state in my article that While Google hasn’t implemented Author Rank fully yet, some aspects are already being used in Google’s algorithms and for that statement I cite our own experiments and articles like this one:

      Of course I am by no means an expert and can be completely wrong in my belief. I defer to your experience and as someone who reads and follows you quite a bit, I would value your opinion way more than mine.

      Thanks for taking the time out of your day to respond and I look forward to reading more articles and insight on this subject.

      Have a great day!

      • While we discuss if it may or may not actually be used in ranking, you should absolutely embrace it for the rankings you do have. Having a picture of you show up on your 3rd organic listing on page 1, will increase the click through rate even beyond that of the first listing. Of course, I have no stats, but I certainly prefer having our author’s pictures show up in the search results.

  • Nice post Bernadette. Implementing Google Authorship is more important. for all the reasons you specified. I think all online marketers should consider establishing their Google profile because I know that there are still some who don’t have one, so that when the time comes that Author rank will be in full blast their profiles will be visible on online searches thus improving their CTRs and SERP. Authorship can also help build a following by being added to more circles . Thanks for sharing this post and hope to read more interesting posts from you…

    • Thanks Mark for your kind words! The hardest part is convincing the business owner to take the next step and getting them to understand Authorship, Publisher & Rank. Do you agree?

  • Hi Bernadette.

    I’m interested that you mentioned setting up Google Authorship will help you get indexed quicker as I read a study (which I unfortunately can’t remember or find) that showed it didn’t.

    Also, as Mark T mentioned, John Mueller stated that they do not use Authorship for ranking (yet) so I’m interested in how it can get you indexed faster and I couldn’t find anything in the CopyBlogger article you posted to confirm this.


    • As I said, I am by no means an expert but I fully believe that we need to embrace #Authorship today for the future and Mark is by far more knowledgeable than I am. But based on our own internal testing and articles such as: Some industry insiders “believe” it helps with indexing.

      Some of our internal testing shows that as soon as we add the Authorship, sometimes within hours hundreds of pages are indexed. This is much quicker than those without Authorship. Now it may just be a coincidence because we are obviously working on these accounts but…

      Also case studies from other industry members state: Approximately 4 hours after connecting Google Authorship to both the main domain and also the subdomain, the number of pages indexed on the site went from 26 to 752 pages! I’ve connected this same IDX platform to many sites in the past, but never have I seen it index this quickly. The normal time it takes to get those pages to index is around 4-6 weeks. Not 4 hours!

      This is just one other example.

      BUT again I defer to the experts, I am just a lowly internet marketer…

  • bob

    Is it good to write quality content as well?

  • Thanks for sharing your insights, Bernadette. Being reminded of the value Google authorship is absolutely needed every now and then especially since we easily get caught up on things that sometimes we forget to do the simple necessities for branding, marketing and SEO. Cheers!

    • Thanks Matt! I agree, sometimes with all the changes we forget the basics and #Authorship should now be part of the basics. Thanks for your comment! Please share the article.

  • Great tips with a comprehensive answer explaining the importance of Google Authorship. I personally started to see massive increase in ranking and reaching first page in sometime less than two days of Publishing content due to having my Google+ Authorship profile liked to my content.

    Thanks for the share Bernadette.

  • Love it! But – isn’t authorship only applicable to blog posts, and not pages ? (In a WordPress blog, for example)

  • Yes Ryan, You are correct. But it seems that site pages will also show the Authorship markup if they are using Rel=publiisher too. I am not sure why this happens but sometimes it does.

  • Excellent article Bernadette thank you!

    Just a quick question, are you only allowed one Google Authorship in total? Ie if you have different niches could you tie you Google + account to all of them? Or do have to seperate Google + account for each nice in order to become an authority?

    Many Thanks

  • This has been on my ‘to-do’ list for awhile, but I didn’t realize how it actually made your search results look more appealing – thanks for the article!

  • Bernadette, question on plagiarists. That is separate from curating content, where you comment, analyze, review someone else’s content and add your spin and give credit all around, isn’t it? Do you mean blatantly assigning your name as author to someone else’s work and posting it as you own? If someone was to do that, you mentioned that the plagiarized content might rank higher than the original post? Could that be because the plagiarist has more authority or that the newer posting date gets noticed? Just goes to show the uncertain nature of the search engines.

    • Yes, blatent copying of your content and putting their name as Author. Then because their site may be more powerful they show higher in the SERPs. I have had this happen more than once.

  • Maybe the most interesting article i have read through this year on this site. Very informative, but i still have a couple of questions to ask :
    1) Let’s say that somebody has a blog/site in which he shares content and photos that already are on the web (with backlink of the source). Does he still have to make the authorship changes to his blog, since the content is not original but other’s ?
    2) When a blog owner does not want to reveal his photo/real name/identity with Google Authorship, what he can do instead? Can he post a logo of his site as an author-photo and also the domain name as the author’s name?
    Will Google also boost his blog if he has authorship feature activated but not revealed his true identity?

  • you are right,even i click on serch results first if there is an image,so took time to create a g+ profile for my site,now I see a change in traffic

  • This has to be on the number one spot to future proof your website. Google holds the cards so you have to play ball and I like this game. It gives identity to content. I am all for it.