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Google Art Project Expanded to Include Digital Tour of White House & New Artwork

google art project expansion

google art project expansionRecently, at The Art Institute of Chicago, Google announced an expansion of the Google Art Project initiative. The project, which launched in early 2011, initially featured works of arts from 17 museums located throughout the United States and eight European countries. However, the Google Art Project has rapidly grown to a global program that features artwork from 151 institutions in 40 countries. Although the initial site only featured 1,000 works of art, the program now offers users access to over 32,000 popular works of art ranging from aboriginal rocks to The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh. The innovative technology allows Google users to interact with images larger than a gigapixel (one billion pixels).

Margo Georgiadis, who leads Google’s North American and Latin American sales and operations teams, indicated the website is making art more accessible for many people:

“From now on, anyone can visit these great institutions with just the click of a mouse. This project breaks down all of the barriers and allows people to study art in a seamless way.”

Amit Sood, who is the head of the Art Project, said the following regarding Google’s effort to make the world’s greatest artwork accessible for everyone and the program’s recent expansion:

“The Art Project is no longer just about the Indian student wanting to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. It is now also about the American student wanting to visit the National Gallery of Modern Art in Delhi.”

In addition to featuring tens of thousands of famous works of art, the Google Art Project also offers virtual tours of 46 museums and the White House. The virtual tour of the Executive Mansion, which was announced yesterday, will provide users the ability to view the famous Rose Garden, analyze the residence’s floor plan, and interact with 139 sculptures, paintings, and other pieces of art from the White House.

It is exciting to see that Google is continuing to invest in this program and provide its users the opportunity to virtually experience art from around the world!

[Sources Include: Official Google Blog, CBS News, & The Washington Post]

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Google Art Project Expanded to Include Digital Tour of White House & New Artwork

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