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On Monday morning, via their AdWords blog, Google announced they are beginning a major redesign of the AdWords platform for “marketing in a mobile-first world”. This update will occur over the next two years, into 2017. Google offered a ‘sneak peak’, which offers little insight into what the actual changes might be. Below is a screen grab from their blog:


What Are The Changes?

According to their post, Adwords will focus more on businesses using Adwords. It sounds like their main goal is to create a more user-friendly platform by making it easier to manage campaigns and making the data you want easier to find. From the announcement post:

“At the end of the day, you need simple yet powerful tools that help you do more in less time. You should be able to complete your most important tasks, like managing ad extensions and building reports, all in one place. With less clutter and more intuitive workflows, you can quickly make the changes that move your business forward.’

When Will You See Changes to AdWords?

The new features will be offered by invite only, so don’t expect to see changes anytime soon. From Google AdWord’s blog:

“Through 2016 and into 2017, we’ll continue to build out this new AdWords experience, and invite advertisers along the way to try it out and provide feedback. Invites will be sent based on a number of factors, therefore not all advertisers will be able to test the new experience right away.”

It will be interesting to see what changes are made, and how these changes keep AdWords relevant as internet users change when, where, and how they access and browse the web.


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  • Steve Jex

    Funnily enough, we’ve kind of seen all of this before. 10 years ago the AdWords interface was much easier to use than it is now – because there wasn’t as much in it. Choices were fewer. There are so many options available now, and more being added, it is difficult to see how they can simplify it very much – looking forward to seeing that. As to the shift towards mobile – that is only only the “receiving end” – no one in their right mind is going to sit and build, monitor and run a campaigns from a mobile.

  • If Google is planning a major redesign for Adwords platform, I just hope the
    changes will make even better and easy to handle to internet users. I’m already
    used to what it has currently.

  • piltdownman

    For the company that preaches about clean design and simple, easy-to-understand interfaces on all of our customer websites, this is a hoot! The AdWords backend is a total CF when it comes to usability and is LONG overdue a revamp.