Google Android Phone to be Released By Summer?

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Google first unveiled the Android mobile phone operating system in November 2007, and in recent months they’ve been showing the phone off to various media types and tech geeks, swearing them to secrecy about any of the phone’s details.  And now, an accidental slip by Google’s legal advisor, Richard Whitt, indicates that we may perhaps actually see the Google Android phones by as early as this summer.

According to CNET, during a conference call about Google’s plans for using “white space spectrum”, Whitt accidentally mentioned that the Android phones could be on the market in either summer or fall 2008.  Oops.  Quickly after the conference call ended, Google knew about the slip and went into damage control mode, restating their original claim that it would be released in the second half of 2008.  They also claimed that they had absolutely nothing to do with the release dates of Android phones, as that decision was actually left to the manufacturers themselves.

In other Android news, there have been reports both last week and this week that High Tech Computers (HTC) would be developing the first Android phone known as the “Dream”.  This rumor indicated that it would be out near the end of 2008.

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  • Brick Marketing

    We love with higher ups “slip” a little information! Should be interesting to see what happens by the end of the year… waiting patiently!

  • blue star web design

    I look forward to seeing these devices, the iPhone was just realeased here in Ireland recently and are ridicously expensive to buy and run, I hope android can offer similar and more features at more competitive rates…