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Google and IBM Partner for Search

Google and IBM Partner for Search

Google and IBM Partner for Search

IBM and Google are now working together in a strange bedfellows sort of way with their new agreement in which Google will be providing desktop search for the IBM OmniFind corporate search system. The whole idea behind the venture is to have a system which will make things easier when trying to search for information within one organization’s many different storage systems.

“Getting these two products together makes sense for both of us. If you want to have a good corporate search product, you have to have desktop search.” said David Girouard, GM of Google’s Enterprise Business Unit. Google has scored a bit of a coup with this deal, since IBM has been working on establishing its own enterprise search for sometime now. The use of Google Desktop Search Enterprise by IBM can be seen as a major endorsement from a strong eBusiness brand.

“There is a lot of information that passively sits inside an enterprise. Our intention is to provide more of an active service that gives a single view of all that information” added Jon Prial, IBM’s VP of Content Management.

One reason for the Google & IBM romance may be a mutual enemy in Microsoft. Add the Google & Sun Microsystems partnership to the mix and you basically have Google lined up with two of Microsoft’s strongest competitors. What’s next? Google and Apple working together to integrate iTunes into Google’s search engine?

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