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Google and GuruNet’s Officially Partner

Google and GuruNet’s Officially Partner

Google and have been working together for a while, but today the two companies made it official. GuruNet Corporation (;s parent company) announced today that it has signed an agreement with Google Inc. to include Google’s contextual AdSense advertising on its information pages, as well as the integration of Google search into its product.

SearchEngineLowdown’s Andy Beal sees the announcement as a no brainer – “Google is sending traffic to, so they want to capitalize on that traffic. wants to remain as the reference site of choice for Google, so they’d hardly sign a deal with Yahoo’s Overture.” GuruNet CEO Bob Rosenschein explains the partnership a bit more in depth “Our revenue stream is based on including advertising alongside the million topics in our library.”

“We are pleased to be working with the industry leader and leveraging their broad ad inventory and strong technology.” Rosenschein added. As a result of the agreement, when’s visitors require information beyond the site’s selected reference content, now offers a co-branded, integrated and monetized version of Google’s search functionality, allowing users to remain in one place for more of their information needs.

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Google and GuruNet’s Officially Partner

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