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Google Analytics Unloads 7 Powerful Features

In case you have not noticed from your Google Analytics account yet, Google has recently added 7 new features into the already useful site traffic analysis tool. These new features are – Analytics Intelligence with Custom Alerts, Expanded Goals and New Engamenet Goals, Expanded Mobile Reporting, Unique Visitors Metric, Advanced Analysis Features, Advanced Segments and Custom Reporting Templates, and Multiple Custom Variables.

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So, briefly here’s what each of these features can do for your Google Analytics account:

Analytics Intelligence with Custom Alerts – monitors your site’s data patterns on a daily, weekly and monthly periods. It brings up significant data trends and insights and lets you create custom alerts for monitoring site dimensions and metrics.

Expanded Goals and New Engagement Goals – lets you track site conversions per up to 20 goals. It also measures user engagement and branding success through Time on Site  and Pages per Visit.

Expanded Mobile Reporting – lets you track your mobile websites performance through your iPhone or Android phones. It lets you track non-Java-Script enabled phones as well.

Unique Visitors – a nice feature that tracks how many actual visitors with unique cookies got into your sites

Advanced Analysis Features – find deeper meaning into your Analytics data with pivoting, secondary dimensions and advanced table filtering features.

Share Advanced Segments and Custom Report Templates – allows you to share URL link for Advanced Segment and Custom Report to any Analytics user. This will import the pre-formatted template into the person’s account.

Multiple Custom Variables – lets you customize Google Analytics for collecting unique site usage data. It also lets you define and track visitors based on various attributes – visitor, session and page-level.

Overall these are nice addition to the already powerful features of Google Analytics. And these more than add for the reasons why Google Analytics is the only site-monitoring tool that I’ve used since I started managing my blogs.

In case you want to learn more about these new Google Analytics features, you might want to join this webinar.

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Google Analytics Unloads 7 Powerful Features

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