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Google Analytics Rolls Out Some Enterprise-Friendly Features

Google Analytics is rolling some new features which are aimed for the delight of the business-oriented, enterprise users. The Google Analytics blog list down these features as; Advanced Segmentation, Custom Reports, a data export API (private beta), integrated reporting for AdSense publishers (private beta), multi-dimensional data visualizations called “Motion Charts,” and an updated user and administrative interface. Here’s a brief rundown of what these features can do:

Advanced segmentation is very useful feature which would allow segmentation of traffic by different subsets. This would enable Analytics users to filter their sites’ traffic data whether these are “Paid Traffic”, “Visits with Conversion” and other custom segments which they deemed useful. Custom reports would allow users to create, save and edit reports to have their date viewed in the way they want to see, organize and see them. Motion charts is for adding sophisticated multi-dimensional analysis to Analytics reports. This is a good way of comparing site metrics which can’t be otherwise viewed through traditional reports. The Analytics Account Management dashboard was also given a fresh updat. Now, account management and monitoring are easier through simpler navigation between accounts and profiles and immediate display of key performance metrics as soon as users login to their Analytics accounts.

Aside from these new features which were already implemented, Google Analytics is also currently testing out some more new features which include; Data Export API and the highly requested integrated Adsense reporting facility.

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Google Analytics Rolls Out Some Enterprise-Friendly Features

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