Google Launches Google Affiliate Network

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When Google acquired DoubleClick, the company has brought with it its affiliate ad network program called Performics. But Google never did something to push Performics as one of its advertising program, until now. Google has renamed Performics as the Google Affiliate Network, and Amazon with its popular Affiliate Marketing Network called Amazon Associates have something to worry about.

The Google Affiliate Network works like your ordinary affiliate ad network, whereby publishers get paid for every successful sale transactions that their site brings to advertisers. The program works separately from Google Adsense but as Eric Schonfeld noted, it will just be a matter of time before Google integrates the two online ad program. But that is if the Google Affiliate Network succeeds in getting some good ground.

To get into the program, you need to sign-up and create a new account. Bear in mind that like all affiliate network your site needs to pass some criteria which relates to your site traffic. Specifically for the Google Affiliate Network:

  • Manage a site that attracts a desirable audience.
  • Can test advertising offers and nurture the most productive relationships.
  • Are an expert in driving and converting visitor traffic.
  • Adhere strictly to Google Affiliate Network quality standards and advertiser policies.

If you are an online merchant, I guess Google doesn’t have too much prerequisite except of course the ability to pay for those ad campaigns.

Arnold Zafra
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Arnold Zafra
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  • Chris Kramer

    You say that Amazon now has “something to worry about”. What would Amazon possibly worry about with this announcement? Amazon runs their own private network on their own platform while Google will be running the Performics platform for their clients – they don’t compete in the same space.

  • Evan

    I doubt Google Affiliate Network will be any competition to CJ unless they convert all the Adsense publishers to affiliate marketers, which I have been trying to do for years! lol

  • Brasso


    I wish there was more information about this available. Please let me know if you find anything.

    I did find but it’s too new to have any useful information

  • Chris Kramer

    just go to – Google hasn’t changed much yet as it still runs on the Performics platform.

  • Money Blogger

    Good news to all google adsense publishers, it means an additional source of income for every raw traffic form blogs. I can’t wait to try it.

  • Community Cross Search

    GoldenCAN Store Integration™/Data Feed Integration™ enables you to add millions of affiliate data feed products on your web site with only one line of code. You don’t need to know any programming

    GoldenCAN is an extended data feed integration tool.

  • Evan

    Obnoxious link builders! Doh!

    I hope Google is working hard to improve the performance of the network. That would be cool!

  • izzy

    I think the ability for SME’s to run adwords and an affiliate programme all though a single account would be fantastic. Especially for those merchants that are unable to afford some of the larger setup up fees or simply don’t feel comfortable with affiliate marketing.

    But that will have a knock on effect with some of the mid range affiliate networks who will lose a portion of their target market.

    High end Big Brand merchant affiliate networks I don’t think will suffer (apart from if Google starts favoring it’s own affiliates in the rankings)

    All in all I think it’s a good move on Googles part and I think it will regulate the industry and hopefully get rid of the low end/quality affiliate networks.

  • ways2earn

    Now, Google’s rolled out to the most lucrative markets online. I was just searching for months and thinking seeing the blue skies when Google would be entering into the CPA marketing. Well, these guys (Google) will not let slip even a slice of bread. Amazing they are!!! Looking for signing up with them as they are new may be they accept few early birds. Let me take my chance.

  • Nick

    I just signed up for it. It will be interesting to see what google can do with this. They may be able to dominate just like they do with adsense.

  • ทะเล

    GOoD I LOVE THIS PROGRAM. I am love trave and sea

  • Gourav Sharma

    This program of google is worse

  • IIS-Tips

    I got an email regarding the Google Affiliate Network payment method change. Now, the Google Affiliate Network publishers will get paid through Google Adsense. So, if they don’t have a Google Adsense account, they’re told to open one. Here is a qoute from the announcement,

    You must link to an approved AdSense account in order to receive payments for earnings. Starting on August 13, 2009, if you’re the primary user of your publisher account, you’ll see an account notification asking you to create a Google AdSense account

    As you can see, you can’t get away from Google Adsense now so give up already! I’d give in, but I already have an Adsense account. Here is the link

  • Lisa

    I signed up but I don’t understand this program, can anyone shed any light here? Thanks.

  • Evan

    Lisa, you mean you signed up for Google Affiliate Network as a publisher? You then would apply to advertiser’s programs, and see who accepts you. You then would grab the links for the merchant you choose to promote via the banners and text links. You would put these ads in your site by copy and pasting the HTML for the banner of your choice into your site or blog’s layout and re-publishing…hope that helps!