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Google AdWords Rolls Out Search-Based Keyword Tool

Google AdWords is rolling a new tool that would let AdWords members identify which keywords their potential customers are searching for and to help them identify which keywords they should advetise on and which keywords are relevant to their landing pages. This new AdWords tool is called the Search-based keyword tool.

The Search-based keyword tool leverages on search query data that are relevant to Adwords’ publishers content but which are not part of the publisher’s AdWords campaign. Whereas normally, when users conduct searches, Google will help in finding relevant pages, the new tool starts from the publisher’s pages and identifies keywords that potential customers are using to land at their pages. These are site referral coming from organic  Google searches and not the paid search ads displayed by Google matching the keywords used by users. Henc, the Seach-based keyword tool is a great way of finding and eventually advertising on the most relevant keywords for a publisher’s AdWords campaign.

The Search-based keyword tool is currently available for U.S. and U.K. AdWords publishers only. Its international availability will be announced later on.

More details about this new Google AdWords tool can be found here.

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Google AdWords Rolls Out Search-Based Keyword Tool

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