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Google AdWords Rolls Out 3 Important Upgrades to Dynamic Search Ads

Google AdWords has introduced three improvements to Dynamic Search Ads (DSA), which are said to make them more effective than ever. Here’s what’s new.

Page Feeds

A page feed allows advertisers to specify the exact URLs which are to be used with Dynamic Search Ads. This will help ensure only the most relevant products and services are advertised to customers via DSA campaigns.

This works by providing Google with a feed of what you want to promote, and the corresponding landing pages. Dynamic Search Ads will then generate ads only based on the URLs you provide, as long as your campaign is set to “Use URLs from my page feed only.”

For more information on how to create a page feed, see Google’s AdWords Help article.

Expanded Dynamic Search Ads

DSA campaigns will soon be able to support expanded text ads. That means longer headlines and descriptions for providing more information about your products and services. This update is said to be rolling out over the next month.

Showing More Relevant Ads by Default

Google is improving the overall effectiveness of DSA campaigns by showing searchers more relevant ads.

”For example, if you’re a baker in Palm Springs, your ads should only show to people who are looking for baked goods in Palm Springs.”

Advertisers are already seeing an increase in conversion rate and a decrease in CPA as a result of these updates, according to Google.

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Google AdWords Rolls Out 3 Important Upgrades to Dynamic Search Ads

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