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Google Adwords Modifies Site Targeting Feature

Google Adwords has tweaked its site targeting feature a bit to allow advertiser to run their campaigns not only on the main pages of individual sites they choose to run their ads on, but now, also on specific pages of  those sites. Hence, the site targeting feature is now called placement targeting. Adwords is also introducing a new CPC bidding options for its advertisers. They can now choose to pay ads per click or per impression. 

Placement advertising now allows advertisers to choose which part of the sites on Google’s content network they would their ads to appear on. Advertisers can even choose which block of ad unit their ads should be displayed. 

Cost-per-Click bidding is a new way for advertisers to pay for placement targeted ad campaigns that they purchase from Adwords. Choosing CPC would charge the advertiser every time their ads are clicked on and not anymore on each impression. Likewise, if advertisers choose to pay per impression, they would not be charged when their ads are clicked on.

These two new features would enable Adwords advertisers to maximize the potential of their ad campaigns without bearing unnecessary cost incurred from clicks or impressions that never turn into a user action. Advertisers should determine which ad payment scheme would bring them greater revenue than loss instead.

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Google Adwords Modifies Site Targeting Feature

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