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Google Adwords Partners with Network Solutions

PPC search marketing specialist Network Solutions joins Google’s stable of Adwordsnetworksolutions.jpg
reseller giving the company full service Adwords management for their PPC marketing clients. Network Solutions vice president of Online Marketing, Jeff Zimmerman said in a press release published by eMediaWire said that the Adwords reseller certification:

places us into a select group who receive training which increases our proficiency as pay-per-click search analysts, capable of successfully selecting and managing keyword campaigns

For those who may not be aware, PPC search engine marketing is a technique employed by businesses to target search engine users in visiting their sites whenever these users see click on their ads that appear on search engine results. The sites may either create their own Adwords account and go through the tedious process of account setup, activation, ad campaign monitoring, reporting and optimization or get the services of PPC search marketing specialists such as Network Solutions to do all those tasks.

With this Adwords reseller certification, Network Solutions advertisers are assured of good and risk free ad placement campaign in Google search results. Assuming that users who encounter their ads actually click on the ad link and make the corresponding transaction, then it is a sure conversion for the business sites.

Likewise, on Google’s part, it is then assured of of a steady flow of Adwords advertiser accounts on its fold.

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Google Adwords Partners with Network Solutions

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