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Google AdSense Updates Terms and Conditions

If you are an AdSense publisher, don’t be surprised when  the next time you login to your AdSense account, a new window will be displayed containing verbose page of text. AdSense is asking publishers to accept new terms and conditions. You don’t have to read all through the page though to get what has been modified in the past AdSense Terms of Conditions.

Inside AdSense blog highlights the Terms and Conditions changes in two categories; new features and products and privacy requirements. These two modifications relates to development in Google’s policy and network of contents.Regarding new features and products, Google AdSense is just anticipating other possible formats in the Google network that may be later on utilized for advertising programs. A good example of this is the recently announced AdSense for Video link units. So the new AdSense terms and conditions reworded some parts to reflect that online advertising under the AdSense program may be available in other media and formats.

The other highlights of the new AdSense terms and conditions adhere to Google’s privacy policy. This is reflected in the new AdSense terms and conditions. The policy reiterates the need for publishers to notify their users of cookies and/or web beacons to collect data in the ad serving process. This policy would be applicable to advertisers’ use of products and features.

Make sure to accept the new terms and conditions as not doing so might block you from accessing your AdSense account later on.

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Google AdSense Updates Terms and Conditions

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