Google Adsense Rolls Out Expandable Ads

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Desperate times need desperate measures. Even a big time program such as Google Adsense suffers from the economic crunch that everyone is feeling right now. And so hoping to adjust to the effects of the economic crunch on its major advertising program, Google has just rolled our a new ad format for its Adsense program – expandable ads.

According to the Adsense blog, expandable ads are rich media ads that can expand beyond the original size of the ad unit. These ad units expand only after a user interaction occured. This could vary from a streaming movie trailer, video game clips or various views of sale items.

The expandable ads are non-obtrusive according to the Google Adsense team. It will not in any way alter the layout of your sites as these ads will be layers on top of your site. The ads will expand only after a user clicks and interacts with the ad excluding mouseovers and rollovers. So accidental expansions won’t happen when viewing a site with expandable ads activated. In addition, the expandable ads won’t expand twice the size of its original width or height and users have the option to turn it off anytime.

The expandable ads is being rolled out to AdSense members located in North America and Europe only. Site owners who want to use this new feature would need to enable image ads in their AdSense account and has added the AdSense code into their site’s source code directly.

Earnings for these expandable ads can either be on a CPC or CPM basis. CPC revenues apply for actual visits to the ads landing page.

Here’s how the expandable ads looksexpandable_ad like.

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  • “The expandable ads are non-obtrusive according to the Google Adsense team.”

    I don’t agree with that! They’re always obtrusive and annoying.

  • I like just plain text ads.

  • Thank you my friend for this article, I will be writing a post and linking to this article.

    But what about the footer ads I am not smart enough to figure it out unfortunately 😀

    The text ads in the footer to be put in only main post. Waiting for this solution as well, thank you very much for this help of yours!


  • Liam

    Funny, hasn’t Google always said they don’t like these sort of ads because they lower the user experience?