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Google AdSense for Feeds Updates with Clickthrough

Google AdSense announced yesterday that along with the normal AdSense ads running on websites, AdSense for feeds now also runs using the clickthough URL, instead of the old

Last month, the rest of the AdSense network made the switch, using DoubleClick ad serving instead of the older Google AdSense servers.

This change in the URL where the ads are served from is due to the DoubleClick ad serving cookie that we launched on the Google content network last year. Since this cookie is on the domain, we’ve had to update our URLs to point to, as well as to give you the associated benefits such as frequency capping and improved attribution.

However, this is only an infrastructure change — there haven’t been any changes to the ads themselves. The ads you see are still coming from AdWords advertisers or third-party advertisers, just as they were before, and it’s not the case that you’re now receiving ‘DoubleClick ads’ instead of ‘Google ads’.

Steve Olechowski, Product Manager for AdSense for feeds tells us on the AdSense for Feed blog that by changing their ad serving to the domain, AdSense for Feeds is now allowing advertisers to more easily create campaigns that span all media platform types on the Google Content Network, including sites, feeds, and mobile.

Uniformity in advertising campaigns and tracking is always a good thing.

On a side note, Search Engine Journal has been running AdSense for feeds for about 4 months now. I’ve noticed that the CTR is very low, but the CPC is much higher than other AdSense ads run on SEJ. I’m wondering how readers feel about Google AdSense for feeds being run in our RSS feed and on your RSS readers. If you have any feedback, please feel free to leave a comment. Thanks!

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Google AdSense for Feeds Updates with Clickthrough

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