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Google Adds U.S. Elections Coverage on News Portal

Doug Caverly of WebProNews is reporting that Google News has added coverage of the U.S. 2008 elections. The Official Google News Blog has announcement about this new feature last week.

To provide direct access to extensive coverage of the candidates, the campaigns, and the issues, Google News has launched a new Elections section on our front page. This brings you the top stories on national, state, and local elections throughout the United States.

Although this new feature may seem temporary and would last only until the elections, it is still a useful feature for readers who want their daily dose of elections news. The Google News portal would feature top stories on anything and everything about the 2008 elections so it would be a good source of information.

Just like any other part of the Google News Portal, you can add the Elections Coverage into your personalized pages. It will become part of the other news categories and would be update as often as the news items in the portal are updated.

Interestingly, Yahoo News treatment of the U.S. 2008 elections is more comprehensive than that of Google. The 2008 Presidential Election on Yahoo! News is a full sub-portal coverage and is induced with heaps of news and information about the incoming U.S. elections.

I wonder which web portal would gain more traction in terms of reader visits and page views? And which would matter in terms of helping U.S. voters decide on who to vote in the elections?

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Google Adds U.S. Elections Coverage on News Portal

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