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Google Adds Site Performance Feature to Webmaster Tools

Google Adds Site Performance Feature to Webmaster Tools

Google’s fascination at making the web faster stretches on to the Webmaster Tools via Site Performance analytics feature.  Site Performance which is currently under Webmaster Tools Labs provides you with various information that indicates how fast your site loads from the user’s end.Site Performance gives you the average page load time of the different pages comprising your websites or blogs. It also provides you with appropriate suggestions that you can do to improve problem areas of your sites loading performance.

Google collects your site’s performance data from users who are using Google Toolbar and have enabled PageRank feature.

Site Performance is a pretty cool feature of Webmaster Tools. It’s quite interesting to see how your websites and blog design affects your site’s performance.

For instance, if you’re using a generic WordPress template, Site Performance can tell you whether multiple Javascripts and CSS templates are actually affecting your site loading time.

You may also install the Page Speed Browser-On from your Webmaster Tools account. This browser add-on will help you evaluate the performance of your pages as well as suggestion on how to improve them.

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