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Google Adds Personalized Suggestions to Nexus One Maps

See? Here’s one of the many reasons why the Nexus One phone could become a better Google-centric smartphone than the iPhone. Being a Google property, it will always gets the first-hand at various Google mobile services.

Take the case of the Google Maps for Mobile for Nexus One which just got a nifty feature – personalized suggestion and synchronized starring. Personalized suggestions lets you find places you’ve previously searched for whether in your Nexus One phone or on your PC. This means that when you’ve already searched for a particular place before the next time you want to search for it using your phone, you’ll immediately get search suggestion, hence you won’t need to re-type the whole query again. This could be a hassle especially if you’re out and using your Nexus One to search.

Now here’s the best part. Once you’ve found a particular place page on Google Maps, you can star it and the next time you’ve opened up Google Maps on your Nexus One, that place will be displayed with the star markings you previously put.  Click on that star and the information for the place will be displayed.

To use both features you need to be signed in to your Google account and the Web History settings enabled.  These will be available for Google Maps 3.4 on Nexus One right after you’ve received the software update notification which was also announced today.

For other Android devices, these features will be available on Google Maps 3.4 once it hits the Android market.


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Google Adds Personalized Suggestions to Nexus One Maps

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