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Google Adds More Extensions to Latest Chrome Browser

Google has just released the latest and most stable release build of its Chrome browser for Windows.  Most notable features are the additional of more Chrome browser extensions and of course bookmark sync which has been tested in the browser’s previous beta version.

If you have not donwloaded the previous Chrome browser beta version, you might have missed the Extensions feature. These are just your usual Firefox plug-ins/add-ons which extend the functionality of the browser.

Right now, there are more than 1,500 available extensions in the Chrome browser extension gallery.

The other feature which made it to the latest release of Google Chrome browser is bookmark syncing. This is very useful if you used Chrome browser on different machines. It lets you synchronize all your bookmarks from one computer to another.  After enabling bookmark sync, any bookmarks that you add on one browser installation will automatically appear on the other browser installation on your other computers.

For those using Chrome browser on Linux, the extensions feature is already available in the beta channel. While Mac users will have to wait some more to have the extensions and bookmark sync on their Chrome browser installations.

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Google Adds More Extensions to Latest Chrome Browser

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