Google Adds More Cool Templates to Display Ad Builder

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Google Adds More Cool Templates to Display Ad Builder

Just a short update posted by the Inside AdWords regarding its new professional looking templates which were just added to AdWords’ Display Ad Builder. If you’re a Google AdWords advertiser, you might want to check out these new display ad templates. In case you already forgot, Display Ad Builder was introduced last year, and since then it has helped many advertisers to easily design display ad campaigns.

The new professional looking display ad templates belongs to a new template subset of the “General” category template of the Display Ad Builder. These templates include ready-made buttons in various unique shapes and backgrounds in subtle gradients. which you can use for your display ads.  All for the sake of providing you with useful resources for creating high-quality ads in a snape, without requiring you to have some knowledge in ad design.


These templates can also be used in conjuction with your own product image or logo. And it even lets you some add text to make your ad more professional looking and engaging as well.

If you want to try these new templates, just open any of your existing campaign in AdWords and click on Display Ad Banner. From then on, the process become pretty intuitive and before you know it, you’ve just designed a professional looking ad. If you want more information, check out  the  Display Ads 101 tutorial.

Arnold Zafra
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  • Vic

    Hi Arnold,

    Thank a lot for the news. I have been wishing for the Google to improve the templates in Google adsense. The more the customization, the more the chance of income generation.