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Google Ad Manager Now Available to all Adsense Publishers

For several months now, some selected Adsense publishers have been beta testing Google’s hosted ad serving manager which as we said before is a good tool for letting Adsense in to your site’s unsold ad spots.

Today Google AdSsense has just opened up the Ad Manager to everyone who have existing AdSense account. Creating an Ad Manager account automatically links your AdSense account and later on you can optionally integrate the two account. This in turn will let AdSense to serve ads to some of your unused ad spots inventory. For those having a hard time maximizing their sites’ ad inventory, this is an easy tool to possible earn from those ad spots.

Apart from this, the Google hosted ad manager is also a useful tool for managing your ad inventory – specifically to sell, schedule, deliver and measure directly sold and network-based ad inventory. The Ad Manager offers up a simple ad management interface and ad serving and inventory management has never been this easy.

As Google released the Ad Manager out of beta, it has also introduced several new features including:

Interface available in 32 languages: Do you prefer to work in Turkish or Vietnamese or Hungarian? Now you can! Ad Manager supports international currencies, too.

Ad network management: Easily manage your third-party ad networks in Ad Manager to automatically maximize your network driven revenue.

Automatic macro insertion: Save time and avoid tagging errors since Ad Manager now automatically detects and inserts macros from most popular 3rd party vendors.

Creative preview on live site: Preview the look and feel of ads on your live site to ensure ads look as expected before you start the campaign.

Day and Time Targeting: Don’t want your orders to run on weekends? No problem. With day and time targeting, you can set any new line items you create to run only during specific hours or days, or as little as 15 minutes per week. Use day and time targeting in addition to geography, bandwidth, browser, user language, operating system, domain and custom targeting.

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Google Ad Manager Now Available to all Adsense Publishers

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