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Gmail Doesn’t Want You to Ever Use Another Webmail Provider Again

Google is continously improving the features of Gmail. Whereas before forwarding your Gmail messages to other webmail services has been pretty simple, now Google is doing the reverse, by providing you with a simple way of migrating your contacts and email from other webmail service to Gmail. The Official Gmail blog is gradually rolling this feature to old Gmail accounts.  While new Gmail accounts will already have this feature enabled.

You’d know if your Gmail account has this feature if you check the Accounts tab under the Settings tab of your Gmail account. This Accounts tab should now be labeled as “Accounts and Import” if the feature is already enabled. If the it is not yet the case with your Gmail account, you may have to wait for a couple more days as Google is gradually rolling out the features to all old Gmail accounts.

The Official Google Blog announced that this feature works with your Yahoo!, Hotmail, AOL and other webmail services. So if you have been hesitating to make that leap to Gmail since you have already established a good number of email contacts with your existing webmail account, this new feature might help you decide to make the move.  If you want to test out the feature, Gmail would even let you move all new incoming messages to your webmail account to your Gmail account, regardless if  this is a new or old account. You can have this forwarding feature for 30 days, until you’ve decided to use Gmail as your new webmail service.

Gmail has also published a long list of email providers supported by this migration options, you may check this list to find out whether your webmail is supported or not.

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Gmail Doesn’t Want You to Ever Use Another Webmail Provider Again

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