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Gmail & Other Google Apps Finally Out of Beta

Gmail & Other Google Apps Finally Out of Beta

Finally, Google has noticed that its Gmail service has been lingering on the beta mode and finally decided to declare them as out of beta – meaning a full blown web application/service. If you got excited about this news, it only goes to show that you are addicted to Google’s web applications.

In addition to Gmail, other applications are getting their much delayed graduation march and this include GTalk, Google Docs and Google Calendar in both their enterprise and consumer versions.

So what does this mean for these Google Apps? It just mean one thing, the “beta” tag will no longer be displayed next to their logos.

This does not mean however that Google will stop enhancing these apps. Google promises to continue enhancing these apps. In fact, they are even introducing some new features to the enterprise version of Google Apps – mail delegation, mail retention and enhancements to the apps reliability.

Before we forget, for those who would have a hard time accepting the fact that Gmail is now out of beta, you can always revert to the  Gmail logo with beta under the Settings tab of your Gmail account.

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