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Gmail for the iPhone Gets Two New Features

iPhone users would be delighted to know of two new nifty features of Gmail in their mobile devices. Gmail for iPhone enhances iPhone users’ Gmail experience with pre-fetching and auto-complete functions.

With the use of AJAX Gmail for the iPhone is now more responsive and faster to load. Gmail will also automatically pre-load the most recent messages that users have on their iPhone. Users will no longer need to refresh the screen to load the most recent messages in their inboxes as they can view those messages in a snap.

Auto-complete is your usual suggestion tool where users will no longer have to type in the full text or word as Gmail will automatically suggest the complete word and let the users choose from several words (if there are many). With 2-3 keystrokes, the text that users are typing will be completed for them. This is very useful for mobile device users, especially when you are using the iPhone’s virtual keyboard.

And lastly yes, the Gmail for iPhone developers were kind enough to have designed the keys in the virtual keyboard of the iPhone large enough for touch screen inputing.

Now, it’s time to guess which Google product will be migrated into the iPhone next? Any idea?

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Gmail for the iPhone Gets Two New Features

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