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GGoal : Searchers Define their Search

GGoal : Searchers Define their Search

Algorithms, natural language processing, artificial intelligence – the list is endless in the quest for the perfect technique to make computers do what humans are capable of. Now, a search engine does away with the machine completely. GGoal is a total human powered engine, no machines, all organic.

GGoal : Searchers Define their Search

An excerpt from the About page:

Ggoal is a search engine “based on” human intelligence, created by users and for users, with the sole aim of offering added value to the web knowledge through user-created content.

Ggoal offers a keyword-based content search service on the web. It supplies users with links, internet addresses and multimedia content into different formats following the shared interactivity criteria.

Ggoal is based on the users-created contributions in order to increase its effectiveness. Keywords, links ad internet addresses are user-created content: that’s tantamount to say that a community of people is actively involved in the production and widespread of knowledge.

There is a quality team (human) that scans the content before they go online. Can the team handle the automated barrage of spam if it does gain traction? Its like man vs machines.

The concept of search for searchers by searchers seems intriguing. For a generation that’s grown up honing its searching skills perhaps the engine seems to be aimed at capitalizing on that very talent to get relevant results. The engine appears as a paradox – trying to go mainstream and remain relevant on human capability (and manipulation) alone all the time. A spammers haven or perfect search?

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GGoal : Searchers Define their Search

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