Get Paid to Click on Ads: Unethical Web Marketing

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I was answering some questions on the Digital Point forum when I came across a thread about getting paid to click on ads, instantly, a red flag was raised. Getting paid to click on ads?

The thread was started by a company called How do they work?

You register to their website and they pay you .1 cent for every ad you click. On the advertiser side of things, you pay $2 for 100 members to visit your site and click on an ad.

Who would this model work for? Well, if youre really struggling to make a penny, literally, then this might just be for you. If youre looking to increase your AdSense revenue, this may also work for you, but it wouldnt be ethical.

Do you use the Google network or any type of ad network for that reason to market your site or a clients site? Is it ethical for a company to pay people to click on ads who have no intention or interest in your company?

I know this isnt something new but this is the type of service that makes our online marketing efforts a joke in a sense. This is going after the quick buck in a dirty way. I myself consider this to be click fraud in a big way.
What do you think about companies like

Pablo Palatnik
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  • Dan

    This is COMPLETE click fraud.

    Just another way for sites to scam Google advertisers.

    The key is to make sure you use negative sites feature in AdWords….click my name above to visit my site and learn how to set it up.

    Also, having clear conversion goals allows you to see what is and isn’t working.

  • Loren Baker, Editor

    It’s pretty hard for me to believe services like this are still running.

  • Kristen

    I absolutely agree. Sites like these are give online marketing a bad name and mess up the whole system for those that are using it correctly. In my opinion this is just as bad as getting paid to vote on posts. It is black hat marketing.

  • Kevin

    Is anyone surprised? Google has no incentive to crack down on these scams; it makes far more money than any fool that wishes to “earn” $0.001 per click. Google has already settled several lawsuits where this was done by farms of Internet bots in obscure places like Myanmar, Ukraine and other countries. Click fraud is a huge issue; some estimate it to range from 15% to 50%+ of all ad revenue. It remains the subject of investigation by many law enforcement agencies, including the F.B.I. If you are interested, read: . This is a problem that has become increasingly sophisticated and prevalent.

  • Kevin

    My mistake; I took Pablo’s rate per click as accurate. It is $0.01 per click, not $0.001 (“.2 cent” per click as written above.

    Bottom line: It’s click fraud and illegal.

  • Cornel

    It’s also a violation of google’s Terms and Conditions to use suck a program to advertise your site…

  • kev – site owner and ppc advertiser

    Its quite frankly un-ethical, immoral and downright bloody annoying. I have spent a lot of money advertising on Google PPC campaigns on a number of sites. Some of which I have been paying as much a $1 per click – that soon ads up when you have a bunch of fools clicking ads with no intention of any kind of purchase.

    That said, how does anyone stop this ?

  • outsourced seo

    this is a click fraud, if they are using adsense, it is a clear violation of the TOS.

  • Sherri Myers

    I know that I am probably going to get booed here. I am not familiar with the program you quoted.

    However, I am familiar with many paid to click ads programs. I have never seen one that actually claims to pay you to click on google ads.

    Most ads are business opportunities, other click sites, and some are ebay auctions, diets, and mlm.

    You are actually getting paid to look at a webpage and very few have google ads on them. You do not get paid anything exra to click on ads on a webpage

    I actually believe this is a good source of exposure, depending on your product.

    Obviously if people are clicking for pennies then if you have a cheap product, free trial or great deal, this would be a valid advertising option.

    P.S. I do have an online business with actual products. Been selling since 2008

    Just my 2 cents

  • Sherri Myers

    Sorry meant 2000, no way to edit, I guess

  • Mike

    Well, you’re explaining this wrong, idiot. Why don’t you check into what links the site is paying people to click on.
    These paid links are links to other websites that people don’t want to pay big bucks to advertise. The advertisers are the members of the sites themselves. These aren’t Google ads or ads that revenue comes from other sources than directly from the site owner or advertisers that pay for these paid links.

    • JackStarm

      yeah…this program totally suck!!!
      I have been scammed a huge sum of money —> upgrade membership than get paid….BULLSHIT….until now no such 1 cent I receive from them.Immoral person just will not stop doing this…Why Google allowing this kind of program.

  • pavan kumar

    its looking gud

  • Michael

    The Google Adsense model only places the ads on Google approved websites. The ads in the PTC networks are not adsense ads, they are ads placed by members of the PTC network.

    The people that get paid in credits or pennies per clicks are not clicking on Adsense ads.

    The reason I know this is that I use this service to test my ads cheaply. If I were to try to do this testing on Google, I would spend way too much money.

    Hope this helps to clear some confusion.

  • Michael

    I have one question for all of you: is it fair to ride piggyback on the hard work and expense of a marketer’s succes?

    What I mean is this: why are there ads on this site that promote what I consider “spying” on competitor’s keywords? The ad in question has the following headline, “Track Your Rival’s Search Marketing. Then Eat Their Lunch”.

    In any other kind of business, this is near next to impossible to accomplish and it would cost a small fortune to get. With Google’s open database, a smart programmer/marketer can easily figure out how to steal your expensive and hard earned campaign’s success.

    I know, it’s happened to me! This is REALLY unfair of Google to allow to happen. The keywords, key phrases in my Google Adwords account are mine. Google should encrypt them to prevent anyone from seeing them.

  • Wow

    I never knew people get money if other people clicked on their ads. So are these ads placed where it says: “Sponsored Links”? If so, I never click those. Also, if other people knew of this, why would they click on an ad if they knew it would pay the person who owns the ad. I’m sorry but I sure wouldn’t. I don’t want to make it easy for people to make money.

  • Thunder

    Go to and get paaid big time surfing ads.

  • JC

    You’re getting this all wrong. Think of it this way:
    You own a store in the middle of the desert. What do you do to get customers? Unpopular sites are stores in the middle of the desert. What PTCs do is to pay people to visit your store. You then pay PTCs to bring people in your store. You hope that 1 of 100o people who got paid to visit your store buys something. Of course you do not force the visitors to buy something (no one is forcing you to click on the google ads). The PTCs give the small stores in the middle of the desert, a fighting chance, against the big popular stores with big budgets who always get on top of the search engines.

    It’s not a dirty way of marketing. Some big malls I know have free shuttle buses to bring people in. I dont call that cheating. These malls hope that one of these people who take the free ride buys something in their mall (the mall spend too, paying for gas and the shuttle). The free shuttle is like the $0.01 because the people get a free ride instead of driving. Wouldnt you want to go to the mall with the free bus too?

    Bottomline, the sites that advertise on PTCs do not force people to click on their google ads in the same way that the malls dont force you to buy something just for entering.

  • Melanie

    I am a blogger who struggles to make a buck with Ad Sense. That being said, I don’t ask for clicks to my blog or sign up to these types of sites. And this is not only because if Google caught me, I’d be in trouble.
    I don’t ask for this because, although I’m always looking for ways for more revenue, I know there are mom and pop places online trying to get by and it’s not fair to them to lose money because I want to make some.
    In essence, I would rather not make any money than to have someone lose money because of my greed.

  • Felix

    I guess it relates to sites where advertisers have consented to such an arrangement to bring traffic to their sites without minding paying for it. But this would not encourage unique visitor traffic if there’s anything like that.

  • Obtainlife

    I’m not exactly certain,……but it seems like a time consumeing way for advertising, for the ones that can’t spend cash for advertising.

  • coolbassmentguy

    the logic is way off, why would anyone want to advertise to people that are trying to make pennies to click on ads anyway, they’re obviously not your target demographic.

    the PPC sites exploit networks and websites by signing on as legitimate websites and use the PPC model to increase their payouts by bolstering their CTR%s and paying out pennies to users and keeping the margins they make.

    it’s downright dispicable, these people are the bottom feeders of the online world, the only thing worst is spyware/adware.


    I just read this and I can dare to state, than none of you are familiar with ptcs… Ive been testing these sites to see how they work, and never seen a google adsenese in these sites nor in the ads, they use cbproads or affiliate links….

  • danielb

    >>>the logic is way off, why would anyone want to advertise to people that are trying to make pennies to click on ads anyway, they’re obviously not your target demographic.

    How do you know what a participating site’s target demographic is? They could be selling diet drugs, or trailer park lawn ornaments, or blow up love dolls. I would think a lot of the people making their living clicking on ads would be great potential customers for those sites.

  • kendra

    you know what the internet is a free place. You should click wherever you want, just like advertisers can post wherever they pay. The issue of it being unethical is the same as popup ads and spyware invading my computer everytime I want to go to a site. We waste money everyday. More power to anyone that finds a way of actually making some money whether they be a advertiser or a clicker. If 1 out of a 1000 viewers buy your product you are not doing to bad, at least people are buying your crap

  • Bret Warren

    Click away…..

  • No more scams please.

    I checked 7 of them today out of curiosity, and many more I didn't even bother to try. They all are scam. Just like Lockerz and prize winning websites.

    Some actually pay the members. But which members would ever get enough clicks to get $5, serisouly?

    Working an additional one hour a week will get you more cash then DOZENS of hours spent on these websites.

  • No more scams please.

    I checked 7 of them today out of curiosity, and many more I didn't even bother to try. They all are scam. Just like Lockerz and prize winning websites.

    Some actually pay the members. But which members would ever get enough clicks to get $5, serisouly?

    Working an additional one hour a week will get you more cash then DOZENS of hours spent on these websites.