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Get Paid to Click on Ads: Unethical Web Marketing

I was answering some questions on the Digital Point forum when I came across a thread about getting paid to click on ads, instantly, a red flag was raised. Getting paid to click on ads?

The thread was started by a company called How do they work?

You register to their website and they pay you .1 cent for every ad you click. On the advertiser side of things, you pay $2 for 100 members to visit your site and click on an ad.

Who would this model work for? Well, if youre really struggling to make a penny, literally, then this might just be for you. If youre looking to increase your AdSense revenue, this may also work for you, but it wouldnt be ethical.

Do you use the Google network or any type of ad network for that reason to market your site or a clients site? Is it ethical for a company to pay people to click on ads who have no intention or interest in your company?

I know this isnt something new but this is the type of service that makes our online marketing efforts a joke in a sense. This is going after the quick buck in a dirty way. I myself consider this to be click fraud in a big way.
What do you think about companies like

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Pablo Palatnik

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Get Paid to Click on Ads: Unethical Web Marketing

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