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Get a Load of Archived Stories Via Techmeme Search

Everybody’s  (tech and non-tech bloggers) favorite tech news aggregator, the almighty Techmeme has just added a search button, and everybody is writing about it. Why? Because for quite some time now, we wonder what happens to our links that got lucky to appear on Techmeme’s page, after the tech news we’re covering has died down? Apparently they get archived. And the only way we could search Techmeme’s archives before is by specifying exact date and time. Until now.

Techmeme’s search feature lets you find previous headlines using keywords that appear on the post titles and few sentences of the headlines. It gives out results with the newest headline listed first. Unfortunately, it doesn’t crawl through the items listed on the Discussions. So, if you’re running a blog which has not been featured in the headlines but were frequently listed as one of the discussions, then you won’t find your blog using the Techmeme search feature.

But if your blog is as famous as the Techmeme regulars, or if you are a fan of those blogs, Techmeme search would be a useful tool for you as it could give a historical preview of what those blogs have written that made it to Techmeme’s page.

And yes, we do love the feature even if we don’t usually get featured in the Techmeme headlines.

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Get a Load of Archived Stories Via Techmeme Search

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