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Gelato Adds Real-Time Search to Online Dating

Are you in the mood for something new and yet still related to search? How about checking out Gelato? a new online dating site that combines social networking and real-time search? Set to debut in DemoFall09 this week, Gelato is an online dating site that can be compared with Friendfeed.  Members will be able to create their own profiles and connect their various social networking and lifestreaming activities such as Facebook profiles and updates, Twitter feed and even the music they listen to on Last.FM and other activities on other social media sites.

Screen shot 2009-09-22 at 11.02.51 PM

By broadcasting their online social activities as well as personal information, prospective dating partners who be able to gauge whether a person is a match.

To make the system works credibly, Gelato is putting a premium on how truthfull users would be with the information they put in their social networking profiles.  Gelato would find a way to verify this information and once proven valid,  the site will reward points to members to make them a more credible date.

With these necessary information Gelato members can then search for prospective dating partners by searching for them using various criteria that would match the information they put in their profiles and the various information they divulge in their social networking accounts and activities. Hence, when a person changes something on his social networking profile, this will be immediately reflected on their Gelato account.

Gelato seems to be a viable tool for finding a dating partner. But then it’s success will still depend on many factors including the honesty of its would be searchers and searchees.

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Gelato Adds Real-Time Search to Online Dating

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