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Gameseekr : Online Gaming Search Engine

Gameseekr is a search engine tailored for games which are accessible and playable on the internet. It also supports a social model that enables users to share and create communities that further enhance a vertical that does require a dedicated engine of its own.

How Gameseekr Works

The engine maintains its own database of content obtained by crawling web content. Site contents are translated to adhere to an information model that makes content more structured. Also, the engine makes it possible for game seekers to restrict their searches according to platforms, genres or ratings. Over time they hope to develop a game classification system ( a la imdb for games)

The engine is based on the idea that the casual gamer starts out with an idea of a type of game and the engine helps them find related games. To that extent the engine will soon be having a recommendation service that harnesses usage patterns and preferences to recommend specific games.

The target audience for the engine is the casual and core gamers. Their product roadmap includes a classification system for games over the next few releases, combining information from other game sites as well as user generated content on their own site.

The social features on the site bring the advantages of user opinion which is all the more alluring when it comes to searching for games online. GameSeekr is founded and advised by seasoned executives from the gaming and technology industries and is based in Palo Alto, CA.

Vertical Segments in Search

Generic search engine don’t always meet the specific requirements for a particular segment. Vertical engines tailored to the requirements of various sectors have been on the rise. With the web seeing phenomenal growth, indexing of specific sources and providing relevant resources for a particular segment makes lot of sense.

Gaming has been a major sector in computing before the internet era itself. Its great to have an engine tailored to meet the requirements of this sector. You can try the gaming engine at

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Gameseekr : Online Gaming Search Engine

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