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Four Best Customized Advertising of 2011

2011 is gearing up to be a unique year in the world of online advertising. As technology has grown and changed, online advertising has developed into an almost fully customizable experience for the end user.

The days of the glossy magazine ad digitized for use on the Internet are long gone. Today’s online advertisers are looking for new and exciting ways to create ads specifically designed not only for their targeted demographic, but for a particular viewer.

Customized advertising is changing everyday. From commercials that can be customized ‘on the fly’ by the user to promotional events designed around each and every visitor, this isn’t our daddy’s marketing plan.

Below are four concepts for best customized advertising of 2011:

Customization Isn’t For Real – Is It?

This sounds like a pretty tall order, but we are seeing more and more advertising modules built with customization in mind. Take the customized HomeAway commercial created for the Detourism campaign on HomeAway.Com. This advanced advertisement actually allows the end-user to add their own face to the short commercial, and then, share with friends and family via social media.

Social Media Still Reigns


This drive towards customization is even more effective when we consider the continuing power of social media. The best customizable advertisements of 2011 will be directly tied to social media. In large part, this will be a ‘behind the scenes’ effort in which information about potential viewers will be gathered and analyzed prior to posting an ad on a particular user’s page.

This will help marketers place advertisements only in places where they are likely to be useful. Other social media trends are helping to create customization advertisements, as well. New technology in the realm of social media gaming, for example, is helping to provide companies with new and unique ways to reach their client base.

Customization Is Everywhere

Custom ads are not just online. Recently, a company in Japan developed and released new billboard technology that allows billboards to actually ‘see’ people walking by.

The ads could then be digitally customized based on the information ‘seen’ by the billboard. Aquafina created an LCD mirror for use in bathrooms that was interactive – when someone stepped directly in front of the mirror, the ad shrinks and moves out of the way. I’m not sure how I feel about this bathroom intrusion yet. Clever, but is it effective?

RFID – Not Just for Supply Chain Management

For a truly customizable experience, developers have created a unique way to integrate RFID tags and the Internet. At sponsored events, participants are offered wristbands, which contain embedded RFID chips.

The chips, which can be linked to social media profiles or other databases, are frequently scanned during the event, providing the host the ability to customize the experience for the users. As an added benefit, the tags can also be used to automatically link with the referenced profile or database – effectively automated status updates for the user.

Whether you are going ‘big’ with an all out event or simply trying to target your key demographic more effectively, customized ads are the way to go. Are you taking advantage of all customized advertising has to offer?

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Four Best Customized Advertising of 2011

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