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If you are running a community forum with Adsense placement and yet can’t seem to get significant earnings, Inside Adsense suggest these three Adsense performance optimization which might actually increase the Adsense earnings of those community forums:

  1. The Welcome Ad Box – Place a large rectangle (Ad units 336 X 280) or medium rectangle (Ad Units 300 x 250) either next to this welcome box or immediately below it. This is the first item that forum members and guests see upon entering a forum’s site, thus placing Adsense immediately after this box might give some valid click throughs of the ad units,
  2. The Forum Post Ad – Preferably right after the 1st post box of a particular topic, forum users always read the first post of a particular topic before scanning the succeeding post box. If a user finds the topic interesting and decided to read the posts, it is safer that the ad units is the next item that the forum member sees. It might actually bringing valid clicks and increase your CTR (click through rates),
  3. Blending colors and breaking down borders – Although the “ads by Google” branding in all Adsense units should not be removed intentionally, blending the colors of Adsense units with the over all theme of the forum might pull some considerable number of ad units click. But honestly, forum members know that once they click on the Adsense units, it would lead them outside of the forum, so most “literate” forum members tend to avoid those Adsense units. But if you are lucky, you might actually get some accidental and yet valid clicks.

But of course, Adsense units in community forums like ordinary blogs or websites, should also be implemented with section targeting for relevant ads to be displayed in the various parts of community forums.

I used to run a no-niche/general theme forums before, and honestly I don’t really get considerable Adsense earnings from that forum that’s why I decided to shut it down. But I might have implemented it in a wrong way though. So if you’ve been trying to get some significant Adsense revenue from your forums and still fail, you might want to give these three tips a shot. Then email the Inside Adsense blogger for a great tip.

Arnold Zafra
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  • Seriously, I think the Google Ads are not optimized yet. With Google’s current revenue, I believe they should come up with more flexibility in terms of ad dimensions.

  • I think it just depends. Forum that people really like people tend to stay in. I heard the clickthough rate is much smaller on forums anyway. But intersting. I’m sure it will help if you have a lot of traffic to your site.

  • I never had any luck with adsense on Discussion forums. The CTR is little tiny, may be its a different story if you have a large number of guests.
    I will try out your Tips though. Thanks

  • Great tips for adsense earners.

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  • What a spammer…Oh i am referring to the one in the comment. Anyway Adsense can bring in generous dollars if it is targeted correctly. Placing your adsense ads at the right place can get you lots of click throughs. Similarly, placing it in the wrong place will end up with only a few cents a month. Good article.

  • Some of my friends run community forums and they say that niche blogs have good CTR than forums. I think in discussion forums the visitors are only interested in spawning a thread.

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  • g8 job.plz giv me some tips..

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  • Actually to make money from adsense is not easy unless we do our research properly.

    We can do so by checking out much advertiser are paying for the keyword so that roughly we know we will get paid if we target that particular niche.

  • Adsense optimization on forum means lots of work. But it surely worth it.

  • Good tips for ad sense , now i will try

  • Even though i don’t use adsense on my website, but i admit that this method is a make sense for me. Good Articles.

  • Thanks for the tips. Anyone who using adsense should look at this articles.