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Former Google Engineers Launch New Search Engine:

According to, former Google engineers have launched a new search engine that could index even more sites than that of Google. The name of the search engine is Cuil (pronounced “cool”) and has already gone live.

Cuil is said to index sites online faster and cheaper than that of Google, but that is yet to be seen. Can a new engine in the market really compete against Google? Yahoo which is the 2nd largest search engine in the U.S. is having a very tough time competing with Google in search, thus an agreement has been made public with both companies forming a partnership within the search sector, having Yahoo outsource search to Google.

“Our significant breakthroughs in search technology have enabled us to index much more of the Internet, placing nearly the entire Web at the fingertips of every user,” Tom Costello, Cuil co-founder and chief executive, said in a statement.

As eWeek describes it, “Cuil clusters the results of each Web search performed on the service into groups of related Web pages. It sorts these by categories and offers various organizing features to help identify topics and allow the user to quickly refine searches.”

Doing a search for traffic on, it looks like in July, the traffic of was a little over 2 million visitors. Forget about competing with Google, look at the other two giant search engines, you also have to compete against them.

Also not show on the chart above, had over 26 million visitors in the month of July.

While Cuil does have a unique way of displaying search results (in a plain fashion for now though), it has an uphill battle ahead.

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Former Google Engineers Launch New Search Engine:

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