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Flickr Enhances Its Search Results Page

Flickr Enhances Its Search Results Page

Despite being one of Yahoo’s most successful acquisition, Flickr rarely gets the love and attention from Yahoo. Probably because the Yahoo folks know that Flickr can stand on its own being a solid photo uploading and sharing service. So it’s good to know about some new things from Flickr once in a while. The latest of which is the redesign of its search results page.


First of these enhancements is the new View controls that appear at the top of the Flickr image search results page. This View displays the image results in diferent sizes and formats. In addition, there is also the addition of an “i” icon which brings out more detailed information about the photo or image. This “i” icon appears on both small and medium views.

Flickr has also improved on the organization of  links related to the current search results. These links are based on how Flickr users have tagged photos and include links to photographers, tag clusters and places related to the current search.

Additionally, now when user does a more refined search using more descriptive search terms that will bring out a more specific search result, the Flickr search result page will display these descriptive terms at the top of the page truncated on how the Flickr search algorithm interprets this in the most sensible way. Clicking on this descriptive filters will bring in more relevant search results.

While these refinements are nothing innovative and ground breaking, still it is worthwhile to note that Yahoo is not neglecting one of its best performing acquisition. Hopefully there will be more new features in the days to come. Flickr still has many paying users and Yahoo ought to take care of these users to prevent them from switching to other photo uploading and sharing service.

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Flickr Enhances Its Search Results Page

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