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First Impressions on Google Buzz for Mobile

While waiting for Google to activate Google Buzz on my Gmail account, I decided to check out  Google Buzz for Mobile on my Nexus One. I would have to say that Google did a pretty fast job of activating the mobile version rather than the web version of Google Buzz.

So, the first thing I checked was the mobile web app at and there it was a simple interface with some nifty features that you can play around with.

The main screen contains two boxes of links. The first box contains links for “Following” and “Nearby.” The first one has all buzz from the people you are following while the second one will give you buzz posted by other people whom you are not following but located nearby.

The second white box contains links to your own buzz, the list of people you are following, list of people who are following you and a link for finding other people that you may want to follow.

Now the real action starts  the moment you start creating your own boss or as Google puts it, sharing what you’re thinking. Thankfully the buzz you compose is not limited to 140 characters. And the moment you published your buzz it will be quickly posted on your profile.

Now, Google Buzz will only be exciting if people you follow also uses it rampantly to post updates. Just like Twitter or Facebook’s real-time updates/streams. But what’s good about Google Buzz is that you can search for what people are saying “Nearby.” It uses the Location service of your iPhone or Android phones so make sure that this is activated.

The “Nearby” feature also gives you prominent places nearby. Here’s where the social recommendation part of this app comes in. You can share a tip, post recommendation or say whatever you want to say about those specific places.  And the moment you posted your buzz about the location other Google Buzz for Mobile user would immediately see and read your posts.

Overall, Google Buzz for Mobile has all the potential of becoming a viral mobile location-aware, social recommendation, buzz-sharing app. I would have to say that all other mobile apps with the same feature has something to be afraid of.  It sits right on to the mobile web browser right now, what more if Google will release a native mobile app for iPhone, Android Phone and other platforms?

On a side note, I’ve only got 13 people following me right now. Care to follow me on Google Buzz –

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First Impressions on Google Buzz for Mobile

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