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First Google Android Prototype Phone Completed

A La Mobile, a San Ramon, Calif. based start-up dedicated to Linux-based open systems for mobile devices, will reveal today plans to unveil a suite of applications based on the new Google mobile operating system, Android. A La Mobile has deployed a Google browser, audio player, maps, calculator, camera, games, calendar, contacts manager, notes, and phone dialer on to a Qtek 9090 smartphone by HTC, which is a part of the Open Handset Coalition founded by Google.

The Open Handset Coalition currently has more than 30 partners, and as development moves forward, they are likely to shake up the mobile market through simplification of mobile app development with the Android open platform. According to A La Mobile, their prototype proves that Android can make good on its promise to make it easier for consumers to gain access to an array of applications for their mobile devices.

A La Mobile plans to pitch their Android prototype to handset makers. Meanwhile, Google indicates that the coalition is on track to roll out an Android-based phone of their own in the second half of 2008. Once the device has been perfected and is sold commercially, Google says this is when they will release Android’s source code.

So far, T-Mobile and Sprint have joined the Open Handset Coalition. T-Mobile has made a formal commitment to offer the future Android based phone, while Sprint hasn’t yet committed and are waiting to see what it looks like first. The other big players in the U.S. wireless industry, AT&T and Verizon, have also declined to make a commitment at this point.

Stay tuned for updates that are likely to come this afternoon, hopefully including pictures!

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First Google Android Prototype Phone Completed

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