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Firefox Site Hacked With Intention to Spam

Firefox Site Hacked With Intention to Spam

Recently the Mozilla Firefox promotional site,, was hacked by someone exploiting a vulnerability in the CMS package used by the site. Apparently the intention of the hackers was not only to shame, but also to (ahem…) Spam! site manager Asa Dotzler posted a message on the site: “It appears that a part of SpreadFirefox was hacked in an attempt to use it to send out spam. It doesn’t look like the attacker accessed any personal data on the site, but to be safe, we’re encouraging all of our users to log in and change their passwords.”

TechWhack reports “The message was also sent to all the registered members on their emails advising them to change their passwords on the website along with all the other sites where the users have used the same password. They also assured the users that the site has been patched up and there are no possible avenues for a further hacking attempt.”

This attempt opened up the possibilities of potential stealing of user information from the servers. However, the organization believes that the purpose of the malicious hackers was something else.

More from TechWhack : “Jupiter Research analyst Joe Wilcox spoke to a media group and claimed that this is not a lonely incident of a high profile website being hacked. In fact, many such popular websites have suffered similar fates in the past., the Mozilla development site was also hacked earlier this year. All these reports have led to fears amongst users considering one of the biggest USP of the Mozilla Foundation is that their products are secure and safer than the competing products.”

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Firefox Site Hacked With Intention to Spam

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