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Firefox RSS Feature to Remain as Live Bookmarks

Firefox RSS Feature to Remain as Live Bookmarks

As per Ben Goodger’s Blog, the RSS functionality introduced in the preview release version of Firefox is going to remain limited to what it is currently. It is not planned to replace any RSS extension or external feed readers for anyone. The only purpose to have live bookmarks in Firefox is to make accessible latest stories to people from the browser itself.

This might have come as a disappointment to some more people out there, because it sure was to me. If the browser has the capability to parse RSS, why not just add it as a sidebar mini application and replace the total idea of having an external extension.

Maybe it would be put to good use in the future by pre-installing Mozilla related feeds on updates and news. So, we can perhaps check if a new version is available from the live bookmarks. However, you would still need a feed reader to keep in touch with Blogs and sites, which are very frequently updated.

And they kind of fulfilled that need by adding the support for RSS reading in Thunderbird. Overall, an excellent duo for anyone looking for an open source solution to replace IE and OE.

Sushubh Mittal is the technical consultant for SEJ and blogs at Techwhack.

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Firefox RSS Feature to Remain as Live Bookmarks

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