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Firefox 3.6 in 2010? Namoroka!

Firefox 3.6 in 2010? Namoroka!

With Google Chrome threatening its dominance in the browser arena, Firefox certainly has got many things to consider to prevent Google’s browser from inching in closer in terms of popularity and user base. At the rate things, it seems like the Firefox folks have done their job as they are releasing Firefox 3.5.

But you’ve probably downloaded Firefox 3.5 and have used it since its first RC… So, while we await for the next stable release of Firefox 3.5, like the Firefox team, we might as well ponder on what could be in store for Firefox 3.6. aka, codenamed Namoroka.

Mashable’s Josh Catone enumerated some of the top priority changes that we might see in Firefox 3.6 which is scheduled for release sometime in 2010.

  • Better Performance
  • More Personalization and Customization Feature
  • New Navigation feature
  • Improved Web App Support
  • Taskfox
  • Enhanced Session Management
  • Customizable Browser
  • Better Identity Management
  • New Tab Page

The Firefox Team must no rest on their laurels. There are certainly many work that needs to be done. The browser war is getting hotter now as rival browsers are gearing up to outsmart each other in features, performance and speed.

Hopefully Firefox 3.6 will answer these issue and put a mark on Firefox dominance in the browser market.

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Firefox 3.6 in 2010? Namoroka!

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